The List of Documents You Need to Prepare when Selling a Property

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The legal documents you need to prepare when selling a property basically are the same documents you must check when you want to purchase a property. The documents including title deed, occupancy certificate, tax paid receipts, mutation document so on.

Why is it very important to prepare all these legal documents? It is because no one is willing to purchase a property without any legal documents included. The absence of one of the important documents may lead to litigation and future dispute by other party over the ownership of the property. More about investment properties

Selling a Property
Selling a Property

Here are the list of several important documents you need to complete when you are planning on selling you house and other type properties:

  1. a) Proof of the owner’s identity

Firstly, you have to submit the copy or showing the proof of your identity to the solicitor when you are planning to sell the property. The proof of identity show the owner’s current address, photo identification, and recent utility bill. You can use your passport as well as driving license as a proof of your identity. If you have legal identification card issued by the authority, then it can be used as well.

The proof of identity is very important to avoid anti-money laundering. The rules of anti-money laundering is covering all the solicitor and real estate agents. They will keep the identity document for almost 5 years.

  1. b) Property Title Deed

The property title deeds document is a very important document not only for the seller but also the potential buyer. This document is needed to prove the owner of the property. In this document, there are outline of the property’s owner. If you cannot provide this document, it more likely still in your mortgage provider if you had applied for a mortgage. The document could also be in your previous solicitor.

Selling a Property
Selling a Property

If you really don’t have the property title deed, you can apply for the “Title Absolute” from the authority. In this case, the authority is Land Registry. When you apply “Title Absolute”, you must able to prove that you are the legal owner of the house or property. You can apply for “Title Absolute” if you already live in that property for 15 years.

In order to acquire the property title deed, you need to submit more documents along.

  1. c) Energy Performance Certificate

This certificate will last for 10 years. The qualified assessor will assess your house performance and issue energy performance certificate. The certificate shows the amount of energy use by your house and how it impacts CO2 generation.

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